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After the Breakdown Comes the Breakthrough

Last week I took a chance and shared how I was in a bit of a slump.

I knew I was in a safe place with this community.  Many of you reached out to make sure I was okay and shared how you were feeling.

A few readers wrote back and said, “It was just what I needed to hear today.”

It is hard for those of us who are always taking care of everyone else to reach out for help when we need it ourselves. 

We are so used to being the rock, the go-to girl, the responsible one.  We take pride and receive satisfaction from being the person who gets things done. 

Often it takes something big and involuntary to make us stop.  We will keep going and going until we get sick, burn-out, or fail spectacularly.  Then we have no choice but to take a breath and regroup.

What if we didn’t wait until catastrophe strikes before taking time for ourselves?  What would life look like if we built in pauses that helped us recharge and refocus?

I spoke with my friend and mentor coach, Leslie, who helped me gain clarity and perspective.  She reminded me how much I have accomplished and to stay focused on the goals I want to achieve. 

What I realized talking with Leslie is that nature needs balance.  Without the dark, we can’t appreciate the light.  Flowers need both rain and sun to bloom.  Struggles make us stronger.

Challenges are a gift.  They make us stop, assess, review, revise, and plan better.  Through this process, what was good becomes great.

Last week’s slump reminded me to:

  1. Ask for help. I don’t always have all the answers.   
  2. Embrace the process. Every experience, good and bad, offers a lesson.

This week I am back in the saddle.  I have taken some time to take care of me, reached out for help, and am looking for the lessons last week’s challenges are meant to teach me. 

After the breakdown comes the breakthrough!

I hope you know I am here when you need to reach out for help.  Together, we will create a happy, healthy life we love.

How can you pause with intention this week and refocus on your goals?

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