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Be Present Without Resistance

So, I’ve been sitting in front of my computer screen for about 30 minutes.  I have so much to say, and at the same time, nothing is coming to mind.

This doesn’t happen often, but I am human after all.  We all have moments when things just aren’t clicking.  It used to freak me out.  My inner voice would chastise me, putting more and more pressure on myself to produce something, anything.

I have learned slowly, over time, to just sit still with the discomfort.  Don’t judge.  Don’t try to force the outcome.  Just let it be. 

In their book, The Art of Possibility, Zander and Zander talk about being present without resistance

Being present without resistance means being aware of what is happening in the moment and your feelings about that moment.  By just sitting in the moment, clarity eventually comes to show you the way forward. 

I remember attending a wedding over 25 years ago.  It was set outdoors in a beautiful horse pasture in the country.  A huge white tent with four poles and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling was erected where guests were greeted with linen covered tables set with china.  One of the most gorgeous weddings I have attended.

That’s not the most memorable part of the wedding.

It poured rain.  For hours.  The horse pasture became a mud pit.  Eventually we all took off our shoes and just walked barefoot in the mud.  And the bride?  The bottom six inches of her white wedding gown was black with mud.  But you know what?  She was still the happiest person in the tent.

The bride set the tone.  She assessed the situation and made the decision to embrace the mud, embrace the rain and go with it. 

She could have made a different choice.  She could have cursed the sky, had an emotional breakdown, or cancelled the whole event.  She chose to be present without resistance.  She chose celebration over tragedy.

Zander and Zander write, “The capacity to be present to everything that is happening, without resistance, creates possibility.”

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  If we can stay present without resistance, the bigger picture comes into focus.   

What is happening? ... How do I feel about it? ... What do I want to do moving forward?

I haven’t thought about that wedding in a long time.  It’s a great memory.  And look at that!  My message has written itself this week.

Think about this, Naomi, the next time you are caught in a moment of frustration or high emotion.  Try to practice being present without resistance.

You might be surprised what possibilities await.


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