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Do you hear that whisper?

The area where I live boasts some beautiful county parks. 

One of my favorite places to walk is Chestnut Ridge.  This park has rolling hills that get my heart rate up and wooded trails that calm my busy brain.

I usually walk the same three-mile loop however, last month I was forced to make a change.  The county is repairing an old bridge, closing off a section of the park and upsetting my normal routine. 

I am a bit chagrined. 

The closure forced me to realize I was stuck in a rut.  I was so committed to my routine that I had only ever explored one small section of the park.

We find comfort in routine.  Our habits become timed to the minute as we increase efficiency and productivity.  We know what to expect, therefore we are prepared. 

But what happens when we are pushed out of our comfort zone? 

Often, our first response to change is resistance.  We imagine worst case scenarios and fight to maintain the status quo.

That’s what I did when I saw the bridge closure.  I walked right up to the edge and looked for a way I could sneak across.  I was set on completing my usual walk.

I had no choice but to turn around and choose a different path.

Fairly soon, I was engaged.  This new path featured breathtaking vistas, and I found myself excited by what I might discover around the next bend.

Without that bridge closure, I would have missed a fantastic new adventure.

Change doesn’t always hit us over the head.  Change can be as quiet as a whisper. 

It’s the creeping discomfort with the office culture.  It’s the nagging feeling that things don’t happen as easily as they did before.  It’s that tickling desire that hints there is more to life than this.

We can easily become complacent.  We go along to get along at work, at home, and in relationships.  Sometimes we don’t even realize we are just going through the motions because it’s what we have grown used to.

But if we listen closely, change is waiting to be noticed.

What if you sent your resume to that new company?  Why don’t you try that new lunch place today?  How can you meet new people with similar interests?

New adventures are waiting for you! 

What desires are fighting for your attention?  How can you explore small changes to your routine?

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