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Have You Seen the Pictures?

Since the world started quarantining humans, a miraculous thing has happened.  Evidence of human impact on the Earth is making itself known.

Just look at these NASA images of the air quality over Wuhan, China in January and February 2019 vs the quarantine in 2020.  Amazing. 

And look at the clarity of the water in the canals of Venice, Italy before and after their quarantine last month.

 (photo courtesy of NBC News)

The factory owner in China, the gondolier in Italy and every other citizen of planet Earth all suffer from the same affliction.  Everyone gets caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, trying to get ahead on this journey. 

The Earth is stressed and we humans are stressed.  What is remarkable is how quickly and easily the Earth has rebounded.  Despite decades of abuse to its air and water quality, the Earth is already repairing itself. 

We have been given a wonderful opportunity – the gift of time.  Time to think about what matters most to us.  Time to identify the important and the needless.  And just like the Earth, we can gain clarity in our lives. 

Imagine what this quarantine can do for  you.

     -What kind of clarity can you find in this down time?
     -How can you recharge your energy?
     -In what ways can you heal the overwhelmed areas of your life?

While you are safe at home, I encourage you to take some time to focus on your personal growth.  I have created a Quarantine Clarity worksheet to help get your thoughts flowing.

Get your Quarantine Clarity worksheet here.

After this quarantine is over, will you go back to your same, stressed-out ways?  What have you learned from this isolation experience? 

The Earth is showing you what can happen when nature gets a break from the hustle and bustle of human activity.  Download your worksheet and spend some time focusing on yourself today.