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looking through eyeglasses

How Do You See the World?

I have worn glasses since the third grade.  My glasses help me see the physical world.  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to function.   

But, there is another lens through which I see the world. 

This lens was forged by my unique demographics: woman, born in the 1970s, grew up in a small town, Asian mother/White father, middle-class…

My lens is influenced by unique experiences: girl scout, practiced karate, married, suffered infertility, fired from a job, published a book...

My lens has also been shaped by exposure:  rode the crowded trains of Tokyo, hiked the heavenly trails of Zion National Park, admired art at the Louvre in France, walked the grounds of Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany… 

Our unique life journey shapes how we view the world.  It enlightens us, but also creates biases and blind spots. 

Check out this short video: Worlds Apart

Understanding our blind spots allows us to be curious about other viewpoints and have empathy for those who may be different from us.  

If we are not careful, our thinking can be hijacked.  Our biases can be exploited by those who want to manipulate and control us for their own agendas.

I have noticed an extreme difference in my social media feeds since the Russian propaganda bots have been interrupted.  It is a powerful reminder for me to be aware of the media and messages I am allowing into my mental space.

Consider your demographics and experiences. 

Where might you have a bias or blind spot?  

How can you create healthy boundaries against manipulation? 

How can you enhance your experiences to create deeper understanding and empathy?

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