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How to Honor a Legacy

Boy, 2020 just keeps throwing punches.

200,000 American souls lost to this terrible virus.  Kobe Bryant, Carl Reiner, Chadwick Boseman, Diana Rigg, and now Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Perhaps you’ve lost someone close to you this year, and if that is so, I offer my condolences.

How do you honor the memory of someone you admire?  Well, if you really want to carry on their legacy, you do it through your actions.

Think about someone you admire...

  • What do you admire about them? 
  • What traits do they possess that you respect? 
  • How do they show up in the world? 
  • Why are they worth your admiration? 
  • What do they do? 
  • What do they say? 
  • How do they make you feel?

Perhaps they exhibit an abundant kindness to all creatures.  Maybe they are strong in the face of adversity, or they use their voice to stand for the oppressed. 

Choose one of these traits and carry on the legacy.

Choose one of these traits and continue the work that is unfinished.

Choose one of these traits and become the change maker in their place.

After you grieve and celebrate a life well lived, after you post your feelings on social media, pick up the torch and continue the journey in their name.

That is how you honor the memory of someone you admire. 

Do that and there's no doubt your life will become an inspiration to the next generation.