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Is Your Pot Too Small?

My father-in-law gave us a jade plant many years ago.  We planted it in a red ceramic pot and placed it in our bathroom.

For years, this jade plant grew at a minimal pace.  It wasn’t a very pretty plant, sporting thin branches and sparse green leaves.  I don’t have much of a green thumb, so the fact that the jade was simply alive was a win for me. 

During our pandemic lockdown, as we looked around for projects to do around the house, we decided to repot this jade plant and hoped we could coax it to grow.

It’s been six months and there are 15 new shoots coming! 

Here’s the jade in its new pot, sitting next to the old pot with a new planting.

The transformation is unbelievable!

Can you imagine how trapped my poor jade felt in that tiny pot?  No wonder it didn't grow. 

This is a reminder that our environment matters.  For us to grow, we need to be in a healthy environment.  And just like my jade, we can get stuck in a place that doesn’t allow us to expand our horizons.

It’s a great idea to assess our environment once in a while and ask:

- Do the people I spend time with challenge and encourage me?

- Does my work encourage me to improve?

- Am I stretching myself with new hobbies?

- What can I read or watch that expands my mind?

Do you need to be repotted?  How can you expand your environment to promote your growth?

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