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It Hurts So Good

After over a year, I am finally back at the gym.

It hurts so good.

Sitting on the toilet was a bit of a challenge last week, but my thigh muscles have recovered.

Muscles have memory.  Despite being neglected, my body is beginning to remember how it felt to be challenged.  I took the weights easy last week, but already my muscles are asking for more.

Habits are like muscles.

Our new habits may not stick right away.  We might need to adjust our approach or expectations.  And sometimes, we forget about our new habits and fall into old patterns.  It’s ok because habits have memory too.

When we create new thoughtfully selfish habits, we are building new muscles.  Creating healthy boundaries is challenging work.  It challenges the status-quo, and it threatens old routines. 

Change is hard work.

But if we keep flexing that muscle, it gets stronger. The more we use it, the stronger it becomes.

The more we say NO to things that don’t work for us, the more confident we become.

And if we fall off the horse, we remember what it felt like to take control.  We remember how much happier we were when we put ourselves first.  And we get back in the saddle.

So, keep flexing those muscles.  You’ll feel awesome when the workout is done! 

Which habits do you need to pick up again?  Where can you flex your thoughtfully selfish muscles?

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