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It's Time to Flip the Script

I received a call from my mom two weeks ago.

She and my dad had an opportunity to go on vacation with their neighbors.  A beautiful house rental, owned by the neighbor’s family friend, was free to use for a week.  They only had to pay for airfare to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

They were very excited, but a little hesitant at the price of the airline tickets - $2000.  That’s a lot of money for a retired couple on a fixed income, but after weighing the pros and cons they decided to go for it.

I told them, “I’m glad you are going.  Live your life.  Enjoy it!”

My parents worked very hard.  They were frugal and practical.  I clearly remember celebrating when they paid off their 30-year mortgage – early.  They saved and sacrificed for my brother and me, providing a comfortable and stable life.

They still need to be frugal and practical, but they also have the flexibility to do last minute things like go on vacation when the opportunity presents itself.

We all have scripts, self-rules for navigating life.  These scripts may have been helpful at one time but become obsolete as our circumstances change.

In school we learned to raise our hand and wait to be called on by the teacher.  But in the workplace, we cannot raise our hand and hope to be noticed by our boss.  We must be more proactive and stand out from the crowd to get promoted.

My parents worked hard so they could play later.  It’s later, but they are still in the saving mindset.  I am so glad they didn’t let this old script keep them from enjoying the life they set up for themselves.

Here they are enjoying the Grand Tetons!

What old scripts are you reading that no longer serve you?

In my own life I struggle with the script that it’s best to keep a stiff upper lip - don’t show emotion. 

Now I understand that showing emotion and empathy is not weak, but one of the greatest forms of strength.  I try to share my vulnerabilities instead of hiding them because it helps others know they are not alone.  And it helps me know I am not alone.

Take some time to review old scripts.  Are they helping you today, or keeping you stuck?

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