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Nobody Cares - Schitt's Creek Wisdom

There’s a scene from the amazing comedy sitcom, Schitt’s Creek, season 3 - episode 4, where David is a nervous wreck to take his driving test.

Alexis gives her brother the best advice, and it is something we should all remember…

Nobody Cares.

Nobody is thinking about you, the way you are thinking about you.

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Most people are thinking about themselves and what they must do to get their needs met.

What do I need?
How will I get this done?
What can I do to make this happen?

Then there are those of us on the other side of the coin.  We are focused on everyone else, not ourselves.

What will they think about me?
Will they approve?
What if I disappoint them?

Those of us who struggle with people pleasing habits are constantly worried about trying to win acceptance or approval.  We want to be liked and don’t want to upset others.  We care deeply, too deeply, about making sure everyone is happy with us.  And it is absolutely exhausting.

We need to heed Alexis’s advice…Nobody Cares.

Alexis is trying to show David how to be a little more thoughtfully selfish.  David could benefit from spending more energy on his own needs and less energy worrying about what everyone else is thinking.  He is causing his own unnecessary stress.

We cannot control what other people think, feel and do. We can only control our own emotions, actions, and reactions to others.

How much energy are you spending worrying about what others think of you?

Where can you apply Alexis’s advice – nobody cares – in your life today?

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