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Some Personal Quarantine Observations

Yesterday marked the start of my fifth week in Covid-19 quarantine. 

It’s hard to believe.  I had to check the calendar twice.  Here are a few of my personal observations:

  • I have not used a full tank of gas yet
  • My credit card statement was the lowest it’s been in a long time
  • I don’t need those things from Amazon as much as I thought
  • The number of things you touch when you are out and about is crazy
  • I miss my gym
  • With proper planning one weekly trip to the grocery story is more than enough
  • I am socializing with distant friends now more than ever (thank you Zoom)
  • Health care workers are better people than I will ever be
  • My dog, Scout, is just now realizing that “Daddy” is working from home
  • One thing I forgot to stock up on is trash bags
  • I hate working out at home
  • Being forced to quarantine is an opportunity to think outside the box
  • We are all more creative than we give ourselves credit for
  • The Earth is cleansing itself of human abuse
  • We must first be our own advocates (the government cannot save us from ourselves)
  • I am emotionally triggered by social media so I must safeguard my mind
  • I really hate working out at home
  • I should not have purchased that second bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs
  • This forced and prolonged down time helps me focus on what really matters
  • We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future
  • I don’t want to go “back to normal”
  • I want to take more control of what my future looks like
  • I really miss my gym

What have you observed during this forced quarantine?

What will your “new normal” look like?

Download your Quarantine Clarity worksheet today so you can start thinking about what tomorrow will look like.