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Speaking Up for Myself Has Changed My Life

Last week we picked up our new camper and headed out on our first camping trip of the season.  Our adventure began before we left the driveway.

As I was making the bed, I smelled something burning.  You know that distinct, melting plastic, electrical smell?

I shouted for my husband, “Something’s on fire!”

We crawled around on our hands and knees, following our noses to the fuse box located under the refrigerator. 

Everything looked good on the surface, but I was nervous.  These campers are basically a box of kindling.  Everything is flammable.  And of course, because we lost our last camper in a structure fire, we were a little on edge.

I told my husband, “We are going to unpack everything and drive this back to the dealer.  I cannot sleep without knowing what is going on.”

I called the dealer and told them we are bringing the camper over.  We drove to the service department and requested a thorough inspection.  

The mechanic went through his inspection with a fine-tooth comb.  He got on a ladder and found the source of the smell coming from a roof vent.  It was propane burning off, due to the first run-through of the refrigerator.  I climbed the 12 foot ladder myself to confirm the smell.

“Yes.  That’s exactly what I smelled.” 

The mechanic assured me that it was normal and would dissipate after a few uses.  I thanked him profusely and felt comfortable with his assessment.

We drove the camper back home, re-packed all our gear, and headed out for our real camping adventure.

It occurred to me this morning that I have changed – A LOT!  I would have never taken such initiative ten years ago. 

Instead of insisting on an inspection, I would have worried about offending the dealership.  I would have worried about being an annoying customer who is interrupting their business schedule.

The old me would have kept quiet and suffered anxiety all weekend.  I would have lost sleep wondering if, when I closed my eyes, the camper would suddenly go up in flames.

Becoming Thoughtfully Selfish, putting my needs first, has made me a healthier and happier person.  I have traded anxiety, fear, and unease for confidence, composure, and peace.

Learning to communicate with confidence is lifechanging.  Knowing how to speak truth to power is liberating. 

How would your life change if you learned to speak up for yourself and communicate with confidence?

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