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woman fighting for herself

Start Fighting FOR Yourself

Every day, I speak with high achieving, empathic women who care deeply about the impact they make on the people around them.

They are sensitive, loving, giving people who work hard to make everyone happy, to the detriment of their own happiness.

These smart, caring women live with a ton of fear:

-fear of judgement
-fear of not being loved
-fear of being an inconvenience
-fear of disrespecting authority
-fear of rejection
-fear of letting others down
-fear of looking incapable
-fear of negative feedback
-fear of violence or retaliation

This fear keeps us small.  It keeps us silent.  It keeps us trapped in a cage of dependence, obligation, and overwhelm. 

Staying quiet and obedient seems easiest and safest in the immediate term.  If we let the drama pass, we can avoid the discomfort of upsetting others.

Eventually, the cost to us becomes too great and we are forced to face our fears.  Something happens that makes us unable or unwilling to continue living in silence.

The tipping point happens when the benefit of change outweighs our fears, and we are driven into action.

Instead of fighting against something, we fight for something:

-fight for our freedom
-fight for our sanity
-fight for our values
-fight for our health
-fight for our time
-fight for our family
-fight for our autonomy
-fight for our energy
-fight for our money
-fight for our lives

Now, more than ever, we must realize that we have the power to change our circumstances.  It requires us to be Thoughtfully Selfish.

When we make the switch to stand up for ourselves, we tap into a strength we never realized was there all along.  By fighting for our goals, wants, needs, and desires, we create our reality. 

-Say NO to a stranger. 
-Express your opinion at the family reunion.
-Decline that inconvenient invitation.
-Vote for your values.

Any step you take toward speaking and living your truth will create forward momentum. 

How can you stand up for yourself today?

For more tips and tricks to Create Healthy Boundaries and Say NO With Confidence, download my free People Pleaser's Toolkit and begin practicing today.  

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