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The First Step Toward Building Momentum

As we approach American Thanksgiving, a time of feasting, family, and football, I made a conscious and controversial decision – I hired a registered dietician.

A couple weeks ago I admitted to gaining the COVID-10, weight gain due to comfort food, cold beer on a summer day, and a lack of access to my gym.  Well, I needed to get ahead of this unhealthy trend and realized I need help.

A funny thing happens when you stop turning ideas over and over in your head and make a decision.  Just that one little action begins a chain of other little actions that when added up create change.

I have often thought about changing my diet.  I know, logically, which foods are good and which ones are junk.  I have read different books and talked to different people about diet.  Reading and observing are passive actions.  They don’t move the needle when it comes to creating change. 

Observing the paint peeling on your house and reading about different types of outdoor painting techniques will not get your house painted and looking pretty again.  Making the decision to pick up a paintbrush or hiring a painter to get the job done will result in a painted house in the end.

Sometimes that initial decision to do something is the hardest.  There is no momentum to push you in the beginning.  There is some fear and apprehension of the unknown keeping you stuck.  The “What If” monster whispers of all the reasons to remain status quo.

But once you push through the inertia, the first action builds into a second action, then a third.  Pretty soon you are rolling along and creating small changes that lead to larger leaps.  And when you involve another person to keep you accountable to your goals, your progress increases exponentially.

That is what I have found with my decision to hire Maria.  She will be educating me, encouraging me, and holding me accountable.  Together we have made a plan of action that will help me get control of my diet, heal my body, and lose some weight. 

As I clean out my pantry and create my healthy shopping list, I realize that the initial decision to hire a professional was the hardest part.  I am building momentum and already feel lighter.

What decision have you been avoiding?  What can you do today to break through your inertia and begin to build momentum?