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Things Will Be Different

Checking in.  How are you doing during this pandemic quarantine?

Who knew it would be so challenging to do nothing?

Of course, under normal circumstances our natural response to any kind of emergency or challenge is to jump into action.  And there are some actions you can take during this pandemic.  If you know how to sew, you can make masks.  You can grab groceries for your elderly neighbor.  You can help your kids with their schoolwork.

But, these are not normal times.  The #1 action we can all take is to do nothing.  Stay home and save lives.  Doing nothing is so counter intuitive that it adds to the stress and frustration we are feeling.  In this rare case, doing nothing is doing something.  Keep remembering that.

Since you have nothing to do... 😊

Have you downloaded your Quarantine Clarity worksheet?

This quarantine will eventually end, and when it does the world will not be the same.  Change is inevitable.  We will all come out of this changed and the world will be operating differently than before.

Remember the world before 9/11/2001?  We had many more freedoms back then.  Life was easier.  Almost 20 years and we forget how much change we have endured since that day. 

Last summer, my husband and I went to Paris, France.  My husband was there in 1994 and I had last visited in 1995.  As we walked up the green toward the Eiffel Tower we began to notice something different.  The entire tower was surrounded by a 10 foot wall of bullet proof glass.  You can no longer just walk underneath the structure and look up.  Everyone must pass through security and armed guards are patrolling 24/7. 

The events of 9/11/2001 and subsequent terrorist attacks have changed the world forever.  COVID-19 and this pandemic quarantine will change the world forever. 

Use this opportunity to practice self-reflection.  It’s an action you can take to improve your life.  How will you come out of this stronger?  What really matters in your life? 

Your life will be different when this is over.  How can you make it work for you?

Download your Quarantine Clarity worksheet and take some time today to self-reflect.