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This Year Will Be Different

This holiday season will not be like the others.  This year will be different. 

Statistics are showing that the greatest spread of the Covid-19 virus is at small, indoor gatherings with family and friends.  The type of event where there is no social distancing and no mask wearing.  The exact description of holiday gatherings.

So, this year, we will be staying home.

It’s not the first time my husband and I have done this.  I remember when we first celebrated Christmas as a couple.  It was hell. 

We tried to be everywhere at once.  We visited four houses, and ate four meals, in one day.  We’d no sooner settle into conversation then it was hurry, hurry to the next house.  Not relaxing.  Not enjoyable.  Just stressful and exhausting.

Two years into our marriage we decided to take our holiday back.  We told all our family members that we were sick and stayed home. 

Yes, we lied.

We had no agenda, no deadlines.  We hung around the house and then decided to drive around to view Christmas lights.  We found an old Italian restaurant that was open and asked if we could be seated.  They gave us their last table for the night.  It was calm and quiet and lovely.

That Christmas we became strategically selfish.  We reclaimed our holiday. 

While Christmas with just the two of us was wonderful, we realized we missed our families.  We did not want to isolate ourselves again, but we also could not continue to stress ourselves out trying to fit it all in on one day.  Being strategically selfish gave us the space we needed to move forward in a more healthy and productive way.

The following year we communicated our thoughts and feelings and developed a new plan with our families, a plan that would offer more quality time bring back the real purpose of the holidays.  And it has worked well for the last 19 years.

We need to be more strategically selfish.  Stepping back and taking time for ourselves allows us the space to breathe, assess, and improve.  When we get caught up in the chaos, we can lose sight of the big picture.  Being selfish can be healthy when done with purpose.

This pandemic might give us the perfect excuse to be strategically selfish with our time, our energy, our attention, and our health.  

And if we keep our loved ones safe this year, we can gather next year with a greater appreciation for one another.

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