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Time is Ticking - What are you waiting for?

How often do you change your environment, experience new ideas, or get out of your comfort zone?

It can feel very safe and cozy to remain in familiar surroundings.  We know what to expect.  We have a sense of control.

What happens when we take a break from our routine?

We change our perspective.  We awaken our senses.  We gain insight into ourselves and the world around us.

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone.  My husband and I traveled from Buffalo to Sedona, Arizona.  It’s the first non-road trip we have taken in over 2 years. 

I love to travel.  I am always planning the next trip.  Travel feeds my curiosity, enriches my mind, and energizes my soul. 

Covid was a real bummer because it forced me to cancel trips I had planned and kept me house bound.  But I decided that it was safe enough to begin traveling again and chose Sedona to escape the long, dark winter.

If you have never been to Sedona, I highly recommend it.  It is abundant with natural beauty.  Hiking offers breathtaking views and the sun shining on the red rocks creates the most stunning colors throughout the day.

I have seen many places around the world – the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the Ginza district of Tokyo, the beer gardens of Munich – but something shifted inside me when I stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

If you want a shift in perspective, visit the Grand Canyon.

My first impression was of its vastness.  It is visually stunning, but also dizzying.  The size and depth create an optical illusion, where you think the bottom is closer than it appears. 

As I stood at the edge and looked down, I saw a red speck.  A helicopter was flying through the canyon.  It was teeny tiny and offered my brain an opportunity to recalculate the scale and depth of the canyon.  It is indeed GRAND.   

While walking the Rim Trail, layers of rock, representing millions of years, were laid before me. It was a humbling and awesome experience. 

Humbling because life is so fleeting.  Our lives are just a speck of sand in the grand scheme of things.  All the petty bullshit, the fighting, the drama – it’s so irrelevant.

Awesome because life is so fleeting.  We must make the most of the time we have and take advantage of all the opportunities to create a fulfilling life.

This shift in perspective makes me more determined than ever that we all need to be more Thoughtfully Selfish.  We need to be doing more of what makes us happy. 

Time is ticking, {{first_name}}.

Life is your gift and your responsibility.  If you are not living your best life, what are you waiting for?

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