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woman camping

What Happens When You Unplug?

Can you remember the last time you could not access the internet?

My husband and I went camping in the hills of Pennsylvania last weekend.  We had zero cell service.  For miles.  For days.

It was weird.

Several times I had a question and went to Google the answer, only to remember I did not have cell service.  I wanted to discuss the new kayak seats I put in my Amazon cart, but I couldn’t show my husband a picture because I did not have cell service.

At one point, in the campground, we heard a repetitive buzzing sound. 




What is that noise?  We walked around, investigating where that noise was coming from and came upon a telephone.  A landline telephone was ringing. It’s been so long since we have heard a pay phone ring that we didn’t recognize it.

This little detail was a jolt to the system.

Pushing ourselves out of our environment is humbling and enlightening.  This is what I love about travel.  The change in perspective, the difference in context.  Seeing how so much has changed in some areas and so much has remained the same in other ways.

It’s important for us to remember how much we have changed and how much we have remained the same.

Growth, expansion of our minds and our skills, is so important.  Change in these areas is a positive thing.

But steadfastness in our values and our priorities is also important.  We must remain true to ourselves and our goals.

The time I spent unplugged last weekend was a great exercise in reconnecting with myself.  I was reminded to keep things simple.  Step back, take a breath, and just be in the world.

How can you reconnect with yourself?  What might you find? 

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