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mom in clutter

What's Hiding Behind All That Clutter?

I am on a decluttering mission.

Over the last several years, my husband and I have inherited piles of items from our parents. These items have been collecting dust and taking up space in our basement, garage, and minds.

My parents moved out of state and “gifted” us with items they no longer had use for.  And since my father-in-law passed away in 2014, we have been avoiding the final purge of memories that were left behind from a life well lived.

We don’t realize how clutter negatively affects our well-being. Mental health experts agree that getting rid of excess stuff can help us feel calmer, happier, and more in control. A tidier physical space translates to a tidier mental space.

Getting started is the hardest part.  The mental struggle to release things that are no longer adding value to our lives is very powerful.  Especially when memories and emotions are tied to physical objects.

The process was slow in the beginning.  Pieces were handled gently and given moments of thought and remembrance.  Then, as the hours passed, our energy began to shift. 

We spent less time pondering the meaning of things.  We stopped looking backward and began to look forward. 

We asked ourselves, “How can this help us in the future?”

Pretty soon we were letting objects go quickly and easily.  In this cleaning frenzy I found a framed photo of my husband and father-in-law that I had been in search of for five years.  Just finding that photo was worth the exercise.

Feeling successful after this basement purge, I moved on to other things cluttering my mind. 

After much analysis, I decided to purge my social media.  I deleted my Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.  

Again, looking forward, I asked myself, “Where should I spend my attention and energy?”

Instead of dabbling in everything, I am going to focus on Facebook and LinkedIn.  That is where my audience hangs and where I feel most comfortable reaching people.

Lastly, I decided to declutter my calendar.

Time is our most precious commodity.  We can’t create more time but can only manage what we have left.  One of the biggest struggles for people pleasers is compromising our schedules to accommodate the requests of others.

I asked myself, “How do I want to spend my time?”

This forced me to make some hard choices.  I kept some appointments and cancelled others.  Taking control of my calendar helped me re-prioritize important people and events.  And, helped me prioritize myself.

Remove the clutter and you may discover hidden opportunities you’ve been searching for.

What would feel awesome to let go of today?  How can you be more thoughtfully selfish with your time and energy?

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