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Where is your focus?

When you woke up today, what did you choose to focus on?

          Obstacles or Opportunities

          Problems or Solutions

          Lemons or Lemonade

          Have to or Get to

          Rain clouds or Sunshine

          Self-pity or Gratitude

          Past or Future

How much time do you spend dwelling on things you cannot change?  How much of your energy is spent complaining about what’s not working?

We must make a conscious choice to look for the positives.  Even in the darkest times.  Even when everyone and everything around us is focused on the negatives.

We must intentionally remind ourselves of the big picture.  Some days it is hard.  Some days it seems almost impossible.  But if we focus, we can find a kernel of light. 

Don’t get distracted from your end goal.  What you focus on, you become.

Where is your focus?  How can you make a different choice today?

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