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Take time for yourself

Why Don't We Take Time for Ourselves?

My husband, who has been working from home the past two years, has begun to go back into the office a couple days a week.

Two weeks ago, he came home giddy.  He was thrilled to talk to people face to face, have personal conversations, and absorb the energy of other humans conferencing physically instead of through a computer screen.

He also came home with something else – germs!

He’s been suffering from a sinus infection for the past week.  We have had a blissful two years with no illness, but that peace is over.

Under normal circumstances, it is hard for me to convince my husband to take some time for himself.  There’s always more work to be done, both professionally and around the house.

I finally convinced him to take a nap on Friday.  He needed to take some time for himself, to rest and heal. 

Just as he was about to lie down, he received a call from work. 

He wasn’t functioning well.  He didn’t have the energy to accomplish whatever task was conveyed over that call.  It was not urgent and could have waited until Monday, but he took the call anyway.  As soon as he picked up the phone, he knew he had made a mistake.

We all do this.  We know we should take time for ourselves, but we don’t.  Why? 

What keeps us from taking care of ourselves?  What prevents us from taking time for ourselves, even when we are sick?

The answers are different for each of us, but it’s worth analyzing. 

I know in the past I have tied my self-worth to my need to make others happy.  I have worried about missing out on something.  I have been afraid of disappointing others.  These are all people-pleasing habits I have worked hard to overcome.

I learned to put myself first because I deserve to be happy and healthy. 

What prevents you from putting yourself first?

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