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poison the mind

Would You Drink Poison?

This morning I was working out at my gym, where three of six televisions was set to a cable news channel.

I don’t normally watch the televisions at the gym, preferring to get in my own zone with my headphones tuned to Workout Hits Radio on Pandora.

Every once in a while, I look up to stretch my neck and see the chyron on the screen.  The chyron is the text graphic at the bottom of the screen summarizing the story currently being discussed.

Ha ha ha!  If only the chyrons I saw today were this funny!

Within a 45-minute span, the chyrons I glimpsed today featured these words:

          Genocide – Massacre – Fraud – Crisis – Scandal – Exploited

The words alone are enough to cause distress.  I was not listening to the actual content, but others were. 

And this plays all day, every day. 

We understand how important it is for our physical health to eat right and exercise.  Therefore, we try to limit sugary, fatty foods to special occasions. 

It’s just as important for our mental health to ingest positive, affirming messaging and limit media that causes stress, anger, and discontent.

If I told you that your morning cup of coffee contained a capful of drain cleaner, would you continue drinking it?

It wouldn’t kill you right away and it gives you that jolt of energy you like.  Are you sure you don’t want to keep drinking it?

You probably lock your doors at night to keep your family safe.  But people can still get into your house through your television, smartphone, or music platform.

Boundaries are a way to keep ourselves healthy and happy.  They are meant to shield us from the manipulation and disrespect of others.

Sometimes we need boundaries against our own behaviors.  Remember, you control the on/off button.   

Who are you allowing into your sacred space?  What are you letting into your mind?

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