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Be the Victim or Be the Master

If this were a normal year, my social media feed would be filled with the typical prom and graduation photos you probably took when you were a teenager.

2020 is anything but typical.

This year my feed is filled with two different types of prom and graduation photos, highlighting two different themes – victimhood and mastery.

The COVID pandemic and quarantine has forced everyone to cope with change, and everyone copes with change differently. Change requires us to make choices. It requires us to be creative and think outside the box.

Change reveals our weaknesses, but also uncovers strengths we never realized we had.

My social media feed is an interesting window into how people are coping with change. I see some victims, but I see more masters.

This is the ultimate choice we all must make – be a victim of your life or be the master of your life. It is completely up to you.

Of course, I see a lot of complaining and blaming. Blame China for the virus. Blame the government for their heavy-handed response. Blame the government for their lack of response. Blame the school for not sticking to tradition.

Blame is wasted energy. We cannot control other people. We cannot control systems. We cannot control viruses. Blame keeps you in a constant state of victimhood.

I also see a lot of resiliency. Parents embracing the extra quality time they get to spend with their kids. Teens finding new ways to create memories. Families finding joy in old fashioned fun like board games and nature hikes.

Taking control of your response to change puts you in a position of power. Personal responsibility gives you mastery over your life.

You have two choices - Victimhood or Mastery.

Self-mastery will transform your life. It moves you from overwhelmed and surviving to empowered and thriving.

How are your responding to today’s challenges? Are you playing the victim, or are you choosing to master your life?

What will you do today to practice self-mastery?

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