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Creating Yourself

“Tim never wanted me to go to college.”

My friend Sherri had just returned to our campsite after retreating to attend a Zoom class. I did not envy her having to leave the fun to attend her course, but she was beaming.

“I have finally found my people. I love my professors, I love my classwork, I just love it.”

Sherri works full time and is taking a full college course load at night to earn her degree. It is stressful, but also energizing. She is finally doing something for herself that she has always wanted to do. Her unwanted divorce gave her an unexpected gift – freedom.

Sherri has gained the freedom to put herself first.

The quintessential people pleaser, Sherri always put herself last. She bent over backward, forward, and sideways to be amiable to her husband and was a doting mother to two children. Now, the husband is gone, and her children are adults themselves. Sherri was forced to focus on what she wants her future to look like.

Just a short time ago, Sherri was adrift. She had invested so much into everyone else that she did not really know herself. She lacked clarity of who she was and was unsure of what she wanted. Her confidence was shaken, but little by little she began to find the courage to create her own life, on her own terms.

Finally, Sherri is on a path to get what she has always wanted. She has found a community of like-minded individuals through her college program. She is energized and hopeful. She is finding her voice and is achieving long desired goals.

Sherri has discovered the power of self-mastery.

She is defining who she is and what she wants. She has taken action to move toward that vision and is continuously learning and growing.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

Go create something extraordinary!

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