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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

I’ve been working for a couple months now with a client who is on the verge of taking the next step in her career. She’s been weighing the pros and cons, reading the new job description and assessing whether this new position will fit into her personal lifestyle.

After all the logical analysis is complete, there is one piece still eluding her and it can be summed up in one question...Am I Enough?

Am I good enough?

Am I smart enough?

Am I strong enough?

Am I experienced enough?

Am I knowledgeable enough?

Am I enough?

That’s the fundamental question we ask ourselves when challenged out of our comfort zones. It’s the question we ask ourselves when taking a risk. It’s the question we ask when growing, changing and evolving. Am I enough?


You don’t believe me, do you? Mr. Yeah But just popped into your head to contradict me.

Yeah, but I need more experience.

Yeah, but others have more knowledge.

Yeah, but I am not worthy yet.

Mr. Yeah But means well. He’s only trying to protect you from hurting yourself. He doesn’t want you to fall down. He doesn’t want you to take unnecessary risks. He doesn’t want to see you fail.

The problem with Mr. Yeah But is that he’s over-protective. He’s wrapping you in head to toe bubble wrap so you won’t get hurt. That’s all well and good in the short term. It seems safe and appropriate. But eventually you will desire to stretch your wings, to seek more freedom and opportunity. That bubble wrap is going to restrict your growth.

Mr. Yeah But is not very helpful in the long run. This imposter syndrome keeps us insulated from growth and success.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. What you don’t know, you can learn.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are stronger than you think.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Give yourself more credit.

Tell Mr. Yeah But to back off. Shed the bubble wrap. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take that risk. Make that leap. Step out of your comfort zone.


Where in your life do you need to feel the fear and do it anyway?

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