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Find a Good Listener

I was ten years old the first time it happened.

I was sitting on a bench outside the bank as my mom when in to do her business. An older lady sat down next to me and started talking. I didn’t really understand what she was saying, but I politely nodded my head and tried to look like I was listening. I swung my dangling feet back and forth as the lady told her story. After a few minutes, she stood up, looked down at me and said, “Thank you for listening. I feel so much better.” Then she turned and walked away.

It happened again when I was 15, sitting in the mall waiting for my friends. A gentleman sat down near me and began talking. I just listened, looked at him and nodded my head. After a few minutes, he stood, thanked me, and left.

In college, I met a girl in the common room who was having a hard time with her suite mates. I listened, asked a couple of questions, and made a few suggestions. We ended up living together for four semesters.

Here’s what I have learned…everyone is seeking to be heard.

People are looking for clarity in the chaos. They want to feel validated and appreciated. They want to know that they matter and have value.

Listening is an art. A friend or spouse might fit the bill if you just want to vent or gossip. But if you want to effect real change in your life and resolve issues, then you will need to speak to a professional.

There are different types of listeners for different situations.

coaching vs counseling

Time and again, strangers have approached me looking for a kind ear and a neutral sounding board, a person who can help them organize their thoughts and find solutions to their problems. It’s why I became an empowerment coach.

If you have places in your life where you feel stuck, confused, or frustrated, I would love to help you bring more clarity to your situation and develop an action plan to achieve your goals.

If you are ready to get unstuck, gain more confidence, and take control of your future, you can apply to see if one-to-one empowerment coaching is right for you.

Here’s the one thing I know for sure…if you truly want to change your life, find a good listener. It is the best gift you can give yourself.

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