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Power is in the Preparation

Just do it. Is it really that simple?

Do baseball pitchers, sharp shooters, musicians, accountants, CEOs or anyone successful in their field just do it? Maybe at the end, but there are dozens of steps they take first.

If you want to shoot a bulls-eye, you can't just point and shoot. Most of your accuracy comes from the preparation to shoot, not the actual pull of the trigger.

The power is in the preparation.

Let’s say you want to shoot a target with a pistol. First, you want to make sure your gun is clean and maintained. A craftsman is only as good as his tools.

Next, you’ll need proper stance. Watch your foot placement and hip direction. Are your shoulders relaxed and knees soft? Stability starts with a solid frame.

Then, check for proper grip. Hold the pistol tight but not clenched. Position your hand high and tight on the back strap, thumbs straight and parallel.

Next, focus on the front sight. Position yourself, arms straight and pointed down range, relax, breathe out. Focus. Get in the zone.

Finally, you are ready to pull the trigger.

If you want excellent results you must know where you are, be present, put in the work, make good choices, and prepare.

When broken down, all the work is in the prep. Seems obvious now, but if you don't prepare, you are just shooting blind, hoping to hit the target. Hope is not a strategy for success.

Many of us are running around, flitting from one task to the next, not really stopping to think about the process.

Busy doesn’t equal productive. The key question is, “What are you busy doing?”

Get Clarity – What is happening?

Determine the End Goal – What do I want to happen?

Make a Plan – What will I do to make it happen?

Implement the Plan – Today I will...

Just Do It is a catchy marketing slogan, but success takes more than that. If you put the work in first, the results will reflect that effort.

What are you busy doing? Is it getting you the results you want? What can you do differently to change your outcomes?

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