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Reap What You Sow

Yesterday I ventured out to a local farm to enjoy the fruits of fall.

Fall in the northeast is a magical time. The scenery changes every day as green turns to yellow, orange and red. Fruit trees burst with apples and vines hang heavy with juicy bunches of concord grapes.

I headed out alone, just me and my red wagon, to pick some apples. As I wandered slowly, weaving in and out between rows of apple trees, I contemplated the gift that the family on this farm had provided me.

This farm is a result of time, money, sweat and love. It is able to provide a bounty in the fall because this family invested in it, worked it, and cared for it in the spring. I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor and it is a privilege.

Success is not an accident. Every success (career, relationship, financial, health) requires investment.

  • If you want that promotion, what are you doing to help the company grow?

  • If you want a loving relationship, what are you doing to show them they come first?

  • If you want more money in your bank account, what are you doing to spend less and make more?

  • If you want to fit into those skinny jeans, what are you doing to lose weight?

There is no magic bullet, no pill to swallow, and no short cut to success. If you want to create an extraordinary life, on your terms, you have the power to do it. It requires forethought and clarity. It requires a plan and action. Your success relies on your self-mastery.

You reap what you sow.

If you want apples in the fall, you begin by planting the tree in the spring.

What are you sowing?

fall apples

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