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Rewrite the Rules

What do you see when you look at this cartoon?

What emotions do you feel? What phrases come to mind?

meritocracia cartoon by Carlin

This 2019 cartoon by Peruvian political cartoonist Carlin (not to be confused with the late comedian George Carlin) has sparked discussion, argument, and controversy around the globe.

Meritocracia, or Meritocracy, is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as a social system, society, or organization in which people get success or power because of their abilities, not because of their money or social position.

We all have our unique perspective, based on our past experiences, values, and beliefs. No two people will look at this cartoon and describe it the same way. There might be common generalities, but our perspective is our own.

When I look at this cartoon I see opportunity. I see choices.

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

- Alice Walker

We have more power than we realize. We can say, “I’m not running this race as it stands. Let’s negotiate.”

We can define our values, then communicate what is acceptable. We can identify our priorities and decide what we are willing to accommodate.

This cartoon doesn’t make me angry or defensive. It excites me. It shows me all the ways I can make better decisions for ME.

And all the opportunities available to YOU!

Kick off the heels. Stop ironing! (Who even irons anymore?)

You don’t have to run this race. Unless that is your choice. That’s what it means to be thoughtfully selfish.

How can you embrace your power? Where do you see opportunities to rewrite the rules?

women running

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