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The Author of Your Story

It’s hard to imagine, but you are currently writing your life story. Day by day, your biography is being written. It’s full of trials and triumphs, drama and intrigue, comedy and tragedy. All your insignificant moments and noteworthy events are being jotted down in the notebook of time.

If your life is a story, who is holding the pen?

The author is in control of the story. The author shapes the setting, develops the character and outlines the plot. The author determines who the heroine is and how she overcomes challenges. The author decides which secondary characters will influence the heroine on her journey.

A great story has a lot of action. The heroine will certainly face some obstacles to overcome. It wouldn’t be a very intriguing tale without a dragon to slay. Perhaps she will experience a little romance. It’s up to the author to detail what her journey will look like.

Who is the author of your story?

For several years, I was not the author of my story. I was an observer of my life. I was plugging myself into other people’s stories and passing them off as mine. I had a career that I did not enjoy. I was pursuing goals that were not my own. I was playing an ancillary character in someone else’s tale when I should have been the heroine in my own epic adventure.

The day I took up the pen to begin writing my own story is the day my life took on new meaning. I accepted responsibility for shaping my journey and found freedom. As the author of my story, I can shape my setting and plot. I decide where I want to go, how I am going to get there and who I am going to do it with.

There is power in holding the pen. If you don’t like how your story is being told, you can change it. You must grab the pen and begin writing. You determine where your character goes from here. Write your epic tale, then go live it.

If your life is a story, the person holding the pen should be you.

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