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What Do YOU Say?

"You should meditate. It is so good for you. It will change your life," so they say.

As I get older, I am looking for ways to keep my body and my brain healthy. I used to go to the gym, pre-covid. What better activity to implement during quarantine than meditation?

Well, I am happy to report that I tried it for a month, and it is not for me.

I used to be of the mind that once you start something, you should stick with it. Don’t be a quitter. I don’t believe that any longer. If it doesn’t work for you, stop it. Find something else.

Artists understand this. They are always striving for the next idea, a new way to express themselves. When you look at the cannon of prolific musicians like Prince or Madonna, no two albums are the same. They evolve just as the artists evolve, constantly pushing the envelope and trying new things.

I recently watched two documentaries that couldn’t be more different. One was a documentary on the iconic Whitney Houston and the other on the band Coldplay.

Whitney Houston’s life is a tragic tale. She was a prisoner of her success. The people surrounding her wanted to keep the gravy train running, so they stuck with what worked. When Houston wanted to try something different, she was discouraged from doing so. When she asked, “Can I be me?” The answer was No. She was not allowed to evolve. So sad. Imagine what was lost because she was unable to try new things, to grow, to evolve.

Coldplay, on the other hand, is a story about following your voice and passion. The documentary was filmed during their Head Full of Dreams tour and looks back on their 20-year history. The one constant, throughout the film, was Coldplay’s commitment to friendship and each band member having a voice. More than money, more than fame, the band has put friendships first. It’s full of joy, color, and evolution. Here's a taste:

coldplay a head full of dreams

Head Full of Dreams Live in Sao Paolo

They say you should wake up at 5am to be successful.

They say you should meditate.

They say…they say…they say…

I might try meditation again in the future, but for now, I am going to move on. Do what makes me happy and successful. Leave the rest behind.

Forget about what “they” say.

What do YOU say?

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