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You Must Care About You

When I was 35, I developed a fatty tumor under my right armpit. It gradually enlarged until I finally had to do something about it. I asked a few colleagues where I should go and they recommended a local plastic surgeon, so I made an appointment.

This was, hands down, the most beautiful medical office I have ever encountered. It was shiny and new, no molded plastic chairs here. It had a fireplace in the waiting room. Seriously, a fireplace.

I waited and waited and waited until a young girl came to retrieve me and walk me back to my exam room. There I sat and waited and waited and waited until another young girl came in and took my medical history.

After she left, I waited and waited and waited until a third girl came in to give me a cloth gown to change into. Seriously, a third girl.

After she left, I waited and waited and waited until the doctor finally came in to assess me. He asked me the same questions the previous girl asked me. He did not have me take off my gown, just lifted my arm and poked my armpit, over the gown, with one finger. His exam consisted of one hard, solid poke with his index finger. It hurt, like being jabbed in the breast.

“Ok. We can schedule liposuction for next week. Wait here,” the doctor said and walked out the door.

I sat on the exam table stunned. What just happened? I waited and waited and waited. I didn't know what I was waiting for. All of this felt wrong. Cold. Impersonal. Uncaring.

A little voice in the back of my mind said, “Get up, Naomi, and get the hell out of here.” Quick as lightening I put my shirt back on and walked out to the reception desk.

“My name is Naomi Yaw and I will not be coming back here.” Then I confidently walked out the door.

Self-mastery shows up in all kinds of situations. My ability to control my thoughts, emotions and actions saved me from what might have been a painful and disastrous surgery. Listening to my inner voice and trusting my intuition helped me make the right decision.

I am sure none of the people in that doctor’s office saw ME. They saw $$$. They don’t care about me at all. So, it’s up to ME to care about ME.

It’s up to YOU to care about YOU.

You have great power within you. You are stronger than you think.

Mastery over your thoughts, emotions and actions is a superpower that you can harness and grow. It gives you confidence to stand up for yourself. It gives you control when faced with challenges.

Hone your self-mastery and create the life you desire, on your terms.

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