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"I can give to others without giving away pieces of myself."

Before, I felt guilt and shame when I focused on myself.  Then I met Naomi and she showed me how to be selfish in healthy ways.  Now I feel the power of putting myself first.  And my friends can't believe the difference in me.

Do More of What Makes YOU Happy

It's time to say NO to others and YES to yourself.  Get started today with your free People Pleaser's Toolkit

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Why it's time to become
Thoughtfully Selfish

Finally, a proven way to be kind and generous without totally depleting your time, money, and sanity.

Be Selfish On Purpose

We’ve been taught that selfishness is a bad thing.  But learning to be Thoughtfully Selfish gives us permission to put ourselves first, in healthy ways, so we can experience the peace and freedom that comes from living life on our own terms 

Be Selfish with Your Time

"I used to change my schedule to accommodate everyone else, then I learned how to create boundaries.  Now I schedule time for myself to do the things that I want to do, and I have more freedom to spend time with my family." 

Be Selfish with Your Money

"I used to spend my money entertaining others so I would look generous, but I learned how to prioritize my goals and have control over my spending.  I actually have money saved for my dream vacation!"


Be Selfish with Your Health

"I used to rush around until I was exhausted, eat a quick lunch in my car, and suffer from stress migraines.  Now, I make better decisions for myself and am a stronger, physically and mentally.  My migraines have disappeared."

Be Selfish with Relationships

"I used to get taken advantage of because people knew I would always say yes.  But now I know how to say NO, and have a better relationship with my husband because I am able to focus on us."


You can put your needs first, and still be a loving person. 

You can prioritize your time, energy and money without being disrespectful. 

You can be a giver without giving away everything you are.

Don’t believe it?

Download the People Pleaser’s Toolkit, your quick-start guide to begin implementing thoughtfully selfish strategies today.


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We can learn to clarify our personal priorities, create healthy boundaries, and say NO with confidence

Then we will teach our daughters, sisters and friends how they can become stronger and healthier women.

When they ask, "Where did you get the confidence and strength to create boundaries?" 

Our answer is...

I'm Thoughtfully Selfish and I own it!



Hey! I'm Naomi Yaw

I’m a confidence coach and recovering people pleaser helping stressed-out women reclaim their time, money and sanity.  


Read My Story

"I loved working with Naomi. I felt safe, seen, and heard."

Naomi was instrumental in helping me make decisions in alignment with me. I learned skills people pleasers are never taught, like how to think of myself before thinking about what other people want. And even better — how to disappoint others and still feel great about my decisions. I loved working with her. I felt safe, seen, and heard. She is an amazing listener and often reflected things back to me that I couldn’t see. I have much less fear about doing what I need to do for myself. Which, when you think about it, is essential for a happy and fulfilled life.

Do More of What Makes YOU Happy!


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